SUKANya the Vivix Shaklee anti-aging product

SUKANya the Vivix Shaklee anti-aging product

There are plenty of testimonial that I gathered about Vivix. What is so special about Vivix? What make it any different than other anti-aging product out there?
We are also very new to VIVIX, my beloved hubby is the first to try, all because of his effort to improve his health, specially from within. If you recalled, he was diagnosed with slip dics few months back (click here for the story).
Since then, he was very keen about health.. and from many those that he tried, he had fallen for Vivix, easy to swallow – 1 teaspoon a day, taste like berries, yes of coz! Yummy and Works Wonder!

So let me tell you what is so special about Vivix:

  • Patent-pending, powerful, and exclusive polyphenol blend with ingredients
  • For any adult concerned with cellular aging and optimal well-being.
  • Shown in laboratory research to positively impact :
    • four key mechanisms of cellular aging
    • help to protect and repair DNA damage
    • positively influencing genetic regulators of cellular longevity
    • promoting mitochondrial energy production
    • slowing formation of AGE proteins
  • Vivix delivers 100 mg of resveratrol per serving.
  • Resveratrol is a natural compound found in some plants, fruits, seeds, grapes, and grape-derived products such as red wine.
  • Vivix does not contain alcohol.
What is the Shaklee difference about this anti-aging product compare to others? Let the table below do the judgement:
See how 1 teaspoon of Vivix could supply the ORAC value of human’s need (3000-5000 ORAC). ORAC= level of anti-oxidant..
Click here for more review of Vivix:

BM version

So what are you waiting for? Try now.. Get 2 bottles at much and be eligible for Shaklee membership for FREE! 

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