Tak Suka Diabetes? Stop it, before it stops you!

According to the National Health Morbidity Survey 2011 (NHMS 2011), the prevalence of diabetes in Malaysia has increased from 14.9% in 2006 to 20.8% in 2011, which means approximately one five adults or 2.6 million Malaysian now suffer from diabetes. This number was very high and has put Malaysia as the number one country in Asean for having the highest number of diabetics. If diabetes is not well controlled, it can lead to many such as cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases, eye diseases, ulceration and amputation of the lower limbs. To keep the blood sugar levels in check, a healthy diet and regular exercise is important. Here are some recommended nutrients intakes for diabetic. P lant polyphenols Recent studies show that consumption of diets rich in plant polyphenols such as Muscatine grapes may inhibit the formation of AGES thus offered some protection against diabetes. People with diabetes have higher level of AGEs in their body. AGEs are substances formed when sugar molecules react with proteins in the body, which can form dialling cross-link that may contribute to complications of diabetes.Coenzyme Q10 It has been suggested that a deficiency of coenzyme Q10 could lower the ability of pancreatic cells to generate mitochondrial energy, which could impair the production of insulin.Soy protein Isoflavones in protein helps to reduce the risk of diabetes. Soy protein is also a low glycemic food and does not contain starch. This helps the diabetic to control their blood sugar level. Alfalfa Alfalfa contains of high minerals which helps in stabilising blood sugar levels. Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) GLA is an essential fatty acid and anti-inflammatory agent. it help to reduce the symptoms of nerve pain in people with diabetic neuropathy. Vitamins and Minerals Vitamin C and Zinc are essential nutrients for wound healing especially diabetic with ulceration or amputation while chromium is important in maintaining a healthy blood sugar level. SHAKLEE brings you VIVIX and Sugar Control Set to maintain a healthy blood sugar level.

Shaklee Vivix.  A unique blend of plant polyphenols extracted from Ployganum Cuspidatum, Muscadine Grape, European Elderberry & Purple carrot. Buy 2 bottles and get free membership which entitles you to get 20% off retails price!
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Shaklee coQ Health
An all natural proprietary blend of 28mg CoQ10 together with Vitamin E and Green tea extract in bioavailable capsule with soy bean oil delivery system to ensure optimal absorption.

Shaklee sugar control set ESP Soy Protein Isolate Powder Contain of high quality plant protein & low in glycemic index. Vita-lea Iron formula Specially formulated to provide 20 essential vitamins and minerals including chromium. GLA Complex Rich in gamma linolenic acid which helps to regulate many bodily processes. Alfalfa Complex Shaklee’s signature formula originally developed by Dr.Shaklee in 1950s contains natural source of alfalfa. Sustained Release Vita-C Plus The first product that offer a natural sustained release vitamin C, using proprietary, all natural delivery system that slowly releases vitamin C over 5 hours. Zinc Complex Formulated with highly bioavailable zinc gluconate which involved in many biochemical activities in our body. Interested to know more? Contact us! yeen@sukavitamin.com OR Whatssap +6012-2151970


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