Tak suka Slip disc, reduce the risks with Shaklee supplements

Tak suka Slip disc, reduce the risks with Shaklee supplements

My 32 years old husband had been relieved off slip disc by attending intensive session of acupuntures. We lived abroad.. far away from home. In Qatar, everything which require services are 3 and sometime 10 times more expensive. And unlike in Malaysia, we don’t have that much varieties of alternative medical treatment. That includes acupuncture. 

So it was cheaper for him to fly home and get himself fixed. 3 weeks of everyday acupunture had taken away his pain. Alhamdulillah..
But what next? We were told that slipdisc can never be fixed permenantly.. it will come back. Even with surgery, there’s no guarantee. So to maintain a good health and to reduce the risk of getting the slip disc pain again, he needed to change his lifestyle. That mean regular exercise and eating healthily. How did Shaklee supplements help to reduce the slip disc pain?

He used to refuse any supplements that I suggested. Never been bothered with preventing. But now, after his worst experience of slip disc pain, he’d take just about everything there for as long it could prevent and control the pain.

He took Shaklee AJHT for a start, then tried Shaklee Collagen powder. But after being introduce to Vivix, by reading testimony from another slip disc patient, he opt for Vivix and now also taking Ostematrix and Omega guard. All for the inner health, specially his bones and preventing overall pain.

He works in shift, sometime day, sometime night. It is not a good pattern with his recovering condition, as our body is naturally healing best at night. But after taking Vivix, he slept better and woke up feeling fresher- irregardless during daytime or night. It must have had some good impact internally.

So, if you are looking for some alternative supplements, and not just depending on drugs, try below combination, they might help you recover, and best thing is, they are natural and safe, no doubt!

1) AJHT– Advance Joint health tablets: an essential supplements for joint health and discomfort
2) Vivix– Powerful anti-aging solution by Shaklee.
3) Ostematrix – Your daily calcium supplies for a healthier bones.
4) Omega Guard – Shaklee best fish oil formulated supplement.

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