SUKANya.. tips how to stay energised while travelling with kids.. Shaklee style

SUKANya.. tips how to stay energised while travelling with kids.. Shaklee style

Yup, the day finally arrived! We are heading back home to Malaysia tonight. Looking forward to enjoy our golden time there. But one thing that worries me is the fact that we are going to travel with 3 kiddos aged 6, almost 3 and 1 years old. Yeah, the 6 y.o is easy.. give her an iPad or any sort of entertainment, then she is set to go. The other 2 are my main concern now. How am I going to stay energised while travelling with them? Everything will be fine if they are behaving well (in fairy tales land!). But the reality is, kids their age don’t really like to travel. They get annoyed pretty easy. Bored of the long journey, so they’ll start the whining, the crying and the I-want-something-but-Im-not-sure-what stage. Gosh.. I can just imagine what it will be like on the aeroplane. And how tiring will it be to get them onto the aeroplane.
So, since I have bad experiences travelling with kids before, I am going to prepare myself physically. I will get plenty of extra energy to be able to handle them, here’s how:

Tips how to stay energised while travelling with kids:

1) Get some rest before the actual travel (Yes, you yourself need to rest too)
2) Pop in 1 each of Shaklee Vitalea, Bcomp and Vit C (This is for you)
3) Mix ESP and drink before meal. (This is for you- ESp supplies extra energy :)
4) Stay positive and Relax
5) Let the kids have enough meal and rest before travelling (Long enough nap to stay relax, but short enough not to-stay-awake-the-entire-journey)
6) Prepare few option of games or toys to entertain them
7) Bring their favourite pillow/blankie into the plane for nap time
8) Now Pray! 😀

Kids, we love them.. but sometime.. they are just over our head. So, to be in control.. we ourself have to plan ahead. Stay calm.. and show them as much positive vibes as possible.

Till then,

Happy travelling!

Oh, and if you are looking to purchase those vitamins I just mentioned, feel free to contact me. Don’t worry where you are.. I have agent everywhere to help me deliver :) OR Whatssap +6017 3960496 OR call +6011 28040840 OR Whatssap +974 55022452

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