SUKAnya the story of Vitalea, best multivitamin to stay slim! Best in the world!

SUKAnya the story of Vitalea, best multivitamin to stay slim! Best in the world!

On Feb 2nd, I received an sms from a stranger in Qatar, he said he needed Shaklee multivits one with iron and one without iron urgently. Since all of my Shaklee stock came from Malaysia, it is very limited in term of products. In Malaysia, there’s only 1 type of multivitamin, Vitalea, which is formulated with iron. Since the guy (Aziz) sounds very urgent and in need, I felt it’s my duty to help him. I look for Vitalea without iron from Shaklee US, and found it. Luciky I am also a registered members there. So I ordered online to bring it over to Qatar.
That very evening, Aziz came by to collect Vitalea (with iron) which is a ready stock available with me in Qatar. We then chat a lil bit to answer my curiosity;

Me: ‘Why do you look for Shaklee Vitalea?’
Aziz: ‘I am participating in a sport event in few weeks to come, and the sport nutritionist insist that I  get Shaklee multivitamins and not any other brands’.
Me: ‘Have you use Shaklee before? Do you know Shaklee?
Aziz: No, I just got to know it from the nutritionist, he is from United State.
Me: Ohhhh… no wonder (with a smile on my heart)

What a great recommendation and a great start of my February business.

Today, after few weeks, I follow up with Aziz, still curious as to what make Shaklee Vitalea special, what’s the difference? And how can it help him with his sport mission.

Me: Actually what do you use this vitamin for?
Aziz: ‘I’m on fat loss competition. Whoever loss the most fat will win, I have 2 weeks more to go’. This Vitalea has one important substance for fat burning, called biotin. Shaklee Vitalea formula has the highest composition, 150mcg, whilst the other brand only have like 20.’And when you are on a diet plan, your body loose lots of mineral, so that’s why you need multivitamins to support it.
Me (in awe): Wow! a major difference! Now I’m more sure of making Vitalea as 1 of my essential daily supplements.

Love your body, not your fat :)

Suggestion: To speed up your fat burning mission, take together with Shaklee Lecithin and Alfalfa Complex.

So, what are waiting for? Stay slim healthily and naturally.. with no other than Shaklee :)
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