Sukanya testimonial Vivix dan kesihatan jantung!

Sukanya testimonial Vivix dan kesihatan jantung!

I have a history of heart problems since my early 20’s. My average heart rate was 213 beats a minute for 10 years, called Super Ventricular Tachycardia. My heart would pound so hard, you could literally see it. I was always weak, dizzy and light headed. I didn’t want to take drugs because of the side effects. After 10 years of this, I had 2 heart surgeries (because my symptoms kept coming back). I was still having problems – a fast heart rate and feeling weak. I was in and out of the hospital every month for a year –test after test – and they still couldn’t figure out why my heart rate was so erratic and fast.

I heard about Shaklee products and how great they were from a friend years before, so I decided to try them. Within 6 weeks of taking the products, it was like night and day for me …. I was no longer weak and I didn’t have to stop at the top of the stairs and catch my breath and my bearings. The protein powder made the biggest impact on my health…. I can’t live without it. I had been told back then that I couldn’t have kids because they would have birth defects due to lack of
oxygen. Since being on the products, I had a baby who is very healthy and is now 11 years old.

ENTER VIVIX: I’ve always been an avid exerciser since I was 20 years old – aerobic type of activity and weights. I have a particular machine that I work out on called the gauntlet. I typically work out on it for about 35 minutes. It has taken me 3 or 4 years to get to this level of intensity, otherwise my heart flips and I get weak and have to stop my workout. It takes me a long time to work into another level in my workouts. In 2 weeks of starting on Vivix, I increased my intensity without my heart flipping and I didn’t get that weak feeling. My face used to get VERY red and hot – not anymore! This is HUGE for my heart!!!
-Jodi Barnhart – 

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