SUKANya Shaklee Nutriwhite set, the best skin care product!

SUKANya Shaklee Nutriwhite set, the best skin care product!

I have been with Shaklee Collagen for few months now. I have felt the difference in my skin. It is now more moisten and the freckles and the obvious dark circle around my eyes are now visibly reduced.. I’m a happy bunny :)
Now that it is progressing from inside, I thought to give it a go from outside too, considering how hot it is in Qatar.. it is always sunny.. and hardly cloudy or let alone rainy. The only time we could escape the hot sun whilst outside is during sandstorm, in which we try to avoid too due to the risk of other health issues. Yup.. that is the norm of my life in the desert. Despite the fact that the country now try to look as modern as possible, with big tall buildings surrounds, it is still a desert place.. basically dust and sands, everywhere.. and yes.. too much sun exposure can harm your skin.. thus increased bad skin condition such as that freckles of mine.. ughh!
Back to my attempt to recover from outside, what I meant was to use Shaklee Nutriwhite products. The series that I remember seeing in my mom’s closet when I was younger. Yup.. Mom knows Shaklee wayyyy ahead of me. She obviously knows the goodness and the difference that Shaklee has offered. Alhamdulillah.. now I got to know it too.
So, what I have bought to pamper my skin from outside are the following;

1. Nutriwhite Gentle Deep Foaming Cleanser                                                             

    • Cleans and refreshes skin
    • Seaweed liquefies impurities, exfoliates, and firms
    • Green Algae works deeply to detoxify and moisturize
    • Strawberry Begonia brightens and evens out pigmentation
    • Mild and uplifting


    • Luxurious way to a more porcelain complexion formulated with:
    • Bearberry to lighten and firm
    • Strawberry Begonia to even out pigmentation
    • Soybean to soften and diminish blotchiness
    • Mulberry to prevent sun damage
    • Plus, active Vitamin C to improve clarity and restore radiance
    • Silky and easily absorbed


     3.  Nutriwhite Overnight Renewal Whitening Cream

    • Replenish and rejuvenate your skin all night long
    • Linden nourishes and hydrates skin in deep
    • Scullcap brightens and calms inflammation
    • Active Vitamin C diminishes blotchiness and restores clarity
    • In the morning, skin feels smoother, softer and radiant
     4.  Nutriwhite Ultimate Protection Whitening Lotion
    • Lightweight and rich with botanicals like Mulberry to prevent sun damage; and Mountain Arnica to calm inflammation and helps build resistance to environmental damage

    5. Nutriwhite Spot Whitening Treatment

    • Reduce the appearance of brown spot and give translucent skin
    • Botanical brightening power comes from optimal levels of Licorice derivative and Peony, highly valued for their lightening, anti-inflammatory and protective abilities
    • Cat’s Claw firms skin
    • Active Vitamin C gives clarity, an even and refined skin tone

    • Leaves your skin smooth, soft, and radiant
    • Beech Tree Buds gently yet thoroughly remove dead skin cells without leaving a trace
    • Aloe refreshes and firms
    • Light, non-greasy, and delightful
    • Calms and restores skin to its natural pH balance
    • Skin feels fresher and tighter, due to Rosemary
    • Kudzu firms and brightens
    • Marshmallow moisturizes
    • Very effective

    Here’s to Shaklee Nutriwhite product! Green, Safe and Works!  Always!

    Contact me if you want to join me and experience the Nutriwhite difference. Or you can purchase the set by clicking the icon Buy now below! OR click on individual product item to make your purchase at your convenience! Buying Shaklee in Malaysia has never been this easy :)

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