Sukanya.. Shaklee CINCH: recipe to consistent slimming

Sukanya.. Shaklee CINCH: recipe to consistent slimming

I have been getting good feedback about CINCH. A loyal Shaklee customer claims that it is not just boring diet.. She experiment it with many sort of recipe and keep sharing it with me. For that, I thank her.

If you haven’t read on my previous entry about CINCH and the basic rules of healthy dieting and way to get slimmer, you may click here.
One of her recommendation is to try and mix her Shaklee CINCH  shakes with some cornflakes. It is fulfilling and delicious too. After meal, she’ll take lecithin then go for evening walk, about 2-3km. Since it is still summer here in Qatar, it is quite easy to sweat those fat away.
Her obvious results with Shaklee slimming set is she can now fit size UK16, it was either UK20 or UK18.. How lucky and happy she must be now. Her continuous effort now pays off. And the highlighy of her comment ‘What I love about Shaklee is, I can feel that I’m losing weight gradually and not drastically unlike some other slimming product that I used before, I have used another slimming shake product type, and lost weight drastically, but then once I stop taking, it when up hike as quick.. But now with Shaklee CINCH, I can feel that it is more stable.. Once I loose weight, it remains’.
This is what I think is the most important.. Being consistent.. Click here to read testimony from others!

Why Shaklee? Because their product is ALWAYS SAFE, ALWAYS GREEN and ALWAYS WORKS! It is now up to you to decide.. Contact us now to feel the SHAKLEE difference! click here to read more warning of ensuring safety of products. 

For Qatar: Yeen (Call/SMS/QA+974 55022452)

for Malaysia: Enna (call/SMS +6011-28040840) 

We also do worldwide delivery subject to postage cost.

HURRY and be part of those happy people and their success slimming program! Try and CINCH away those nasty fats.. 

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