Sukanya running towards healthier US!

Finally today, we managed to bring Maqeel to join his very first running event. He wasn’t excited at first, maybe because it was still early for him whereas in normal days, when we brought Myra for a running session, he’d run and run! But luckily, the kids 1km run started at 11++ long enough for him to heat up his running engine. As reported by my hubby, who ushered him all the way, he ran up to 400m then he stop and said ‘Maqeel ngantuk’ (Sleepy). But after sometime, he manage to persuade him to continue.. and suddenly after few minutes Maq started running again.. until the finish line! We are so proud of him.. and of coz with Myra too – which already showing her athletic spirit. She loves running so much, and has always been the first to arrived compared to all of her Qatar’s friends.
That’s our mini Shaklee ambassador.. always positive! and always know her goal.

Mishel on the other hand? Crying at the side.. wanted to join too. Don’t worry Mishel! You can join next year k? :)
Doha Dash seems better organised than the Ooreedoo event that we participated last month. I even got extra medal for Mishel and Tokmi. Unlike Ooreedoo.. with a 42km full marathon event, but no medal or whatsoever. For them, running just about the time. You run, you finished, good job.. no need for a medal to satisfy you. Bluwehhh.. no more Ooreedoo run after this for sure! Doha Dash is just the way to go! Yay to Dolphin Energy! 
For those who run Doha Dash 2014.. see you next year! :)

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