Sukanya Rahsia ESP Shaklee- how to stay energetic while running!

Sabtu pagi, jam 430am, mata dah terbukak terkebil-kebil. Aizal was not around to wake me nor push me to go to my weekend run. But remembering that I was the one requesting our group change our jogging routine to Saturday and not Friday this week, I woke up. Forcing every cell of my body to be happy with my choice. I reached Aspire park at 530 sharp. Temperature was 17 celcius. Brrrr… sooooo cold! I just can’t imagine running in Paris in just 1 month plus. What will be the temperature like? The route seems sooo difficult, with hills and everything. I hope I can manage. 

I had a problem before when I first started running more than 3km. I’d feel pain in the upper right side of my tummy. Then after few experiment, I’ll heal through time and will not feel the same pain if I ensure that I ate at least a banana. So this morning, since I didn’t have any banana, I drink ESP instead. Cool.. I feel full the entire time and stayed energetic while running more than 2 hours straight! And surprisingly not that hungry even past lunch hour. :)
Memang sangat sesuai untuk diet ni. Dan yang lagi bonusnya consume ESP ni, same-same mencantikkan kulit. Lately kulit ada banyak jerawat, mungkin sebab stress melampau, dan dah jarang2 mengamalkan kolagen kegemaran, dek kerana asek ‘busy’. I know, lame excuse, but that’s me.. I’m being honest and sharing my real experience to people, so I am not blindly introducing product to people without me, being the first satisfied consumer. Tapi itulah, sendiri yang dah tak displin, maka sendirilah terima akibatnya.
That’s ok, I will fight this thing, and will make my face clean and clear again. InsyaaAllah.
Yes, for your knowledge, I have been Shaklee’s loyal customer for years. Now started to be their trusted Independent distributor, because I AM REALLY that satisfied. I wanted to share their awesome product to more people. To become Shaklee’s member is really easy. Anyone can be in. Even untuk yang nak makan sendiri-sendiri. Bayaran serendah RM65 seumur hidup! Kalau dah suka, ada peluang nak kumpul point dan rebet, dapat bonus.. memang syok. Nak tahu cara? Boleh PM me.. 
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