SUkanya.. Myra terpilih Masterchef Junior Qatar!

Qatar is getting hotter now.. but in the spirit of what they call ‘Spring’ (nothing like Spring in Europe by the way!), Souq Wakif hosted few interesting activities, one of which are fun fair, and some street carnivale, where many weird artist walk with many different act. We were enjoying every bit of it. At the end of our fun night-out, we’ve stop at Restaurant Sri Kebaya, a Malaysian cuisine. Whilst enjoying our food out in the corridor, there’s this mobile chefs walking with their mini kitchen, trying to get people’s attention. Nobody seems to pay one, except for Myra who was super excited. She kept waving and smiling to the chefs that he suddenly decided to call her for an act! 
We all thought how boring it is the chefs with their mobile kitchen and plastic chicken that when squeeze makes the ‘pet pet’ sound. And we all proved wrong! The chefs show was actually the best of what we’ve had that night! Myra being the star of the show! Doing some magic trick.. 
Myra was sooooo happy, and so are we, now we felt all the pushing-through-crowds, driving-through-traffic jams are all paid off.
Now enjoy the video! :)

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