Sukanya kisah Mishel si perenang muda

Sukanya kisah Mishel si perenang muda

This is the picture of my stylo almost 2 years old baby Mishel. I didn’t teach her nor encourage her to wear sunglasses while drinking milk.. it’s in her nature. Oppagangnam style we called it. hehe

Naturally, my cheeky little girl loves to play around. The other day when I started sending Maqeel and Myra to swimming lesson, she was not at all in favour of the water. She was screaming all the time her body touches the water. She even took all floating aids that she could to ensure sufficient floats.. haha.. what a clever baby. 
I’m not so sure was it because of the Omega that she ate daily- 1 capsule a day (as I know it, and might be more due to her cheeky self that just can’t have enough of it).
Or was it the Mealshake that I gave her daily in her drinking milk.. 
This week, she showed some amazing progress of her fear of water. She is now more confident, she took a jump into the pool, and was laughing all the way, she climb back up, and jump again! She repeated over and over again for almost 20 times. 
I was impressed.. so I decided to test her limit.. I try to let her chase a float across the pool.. and she did! with her armbands in tact, she manage to ‘swim’ herself back and forth from one end to another.. laughing and enjoying the fact that she can now float and swim by herself. Nobody was there to push her.. she did it all by herself. Amazing baby.. 

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