Sukanya.. ESP buat kulit makin cantik dan gebu sebelum raya

Sukanya.. ESP buat kulit makin cantik dan gebu sebelum raya

Honestly, I didn’t notice much different when I consumed ESP after giving birth to Mishel. Main reason then was to increase my milk production.
As I mentioned before, I am not into shake.. can’t really swallow them in recommended frequency. But this raya, I wanted to slim down and felt better with myself.
Thus I then tried taking a light and fulfilling sahur (click here for the entry n recipe). To my surprise, not only that I felt my body is slimming down, I also felt my skin is becoming more ‘gebu’. Seriously my skin felt so soft all over.. and yes, I would have guess it is because of Shaklee Collagen too.

But to tell you the truth, I am like you, after consuming them for 8 weeks (for the guaranteed visible results by Shaklee), I then try the economic approach. I took Shaklee Collagen, once in two to three days. Yup, although with this frequency, I manage to maintain my moisten skin.. and with ESP, it super boost it to be so the gebu. (I seriously can’t find the right word for it! Tak habes-habes gebu haha).
I am so happy, with raya just around the corner, this is just the right ‘formula’ for me. A lovely surprise. How did ESP help to moisten my skin? What was my formula?

ESP have got way to many goodness formula in 1 canister. Read here, for my previous entry on it’s benefits. 

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