SUKAkan slimming product? Pilihla yang terjamin selamat

It just occur to me, there are many people out there who are desperate to loose weight, and more desperate to look for a shortcut to get to their goal. Being desperate made them try anything that come by.
There are too many slimming product out there, especially in Malaysia. What I notice, in Malaysia.. you could sell just about anything and claim just about everything and people would buy. They trust the quick result more than to do their research on the product history. For as long as they can look slimmer, why bother if that product could have some very slow an un-noticable poisoning substances right? Sad but true..
Be careful, Before you try any product, (not limited to slimming), do some background check- What is the company name, how was the reputation?, is it licensed and approved by the government?, how long has it been in the market that you should be able to trust it?, what was the research result?
Do your homework, it could have save lifes!
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