SUKAkan rahsia? let me share my secret story why I started my Shaklee biz

I have done my Hajj, in 2011 Alhamdulillah. In Hajj, there is a specific time that you have to go to Arafah.. obligated to all pilgrims. AND that is exactly the time that is most mustajab for any doa…
One of my prayer (in-simple-summarized-word) is to stay healthy, pretty, young and happy especially with my husband for as long as we are alive. And another prayer is I wanted a family business of our own, a successful one.

Then few months after, I started to see the business opportunity with Shaklee. I felt that not only Allah had grant each of my doa, but he combined them together. With Shaklee, I can stay healthy, pretty, young and happy.. there’s guaranteed products for each… and little that I know I could also make a successful business out of it.

I have not yet get my target with the business, but I am getting there. Alhamdulillah, I have easily made 4 figures income monthly since I started. I believe Allah had guide me with the right direction. This is the best there is for me.. insyaaAllah.. each day, I’ll be surprise with lots of experience that one could think of. All I believe relating to the doa that I made.

Pray.. and you’ll get your guidance, insyaaAllah.

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