SUKA to become Shaklee members?

Becoming Shaklee members

Registration of new member requires a sponsor, I am your registered Gold Ambassador trusted to register any individual in country where Shaklee do business such as America, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Japan and Taiwan. Visit for more info on which country listed.

Who can register?
Citizen of the country where Shaklee do business who is 18 years of age. 

How to become Shaklee member?
Email me, and I will be in contact within 24 hours. No matter where you are, location is not the border! Membership 
payment is as low as RM65 or free with purchase of products worth RM 680 (point will be given straight to your newly registered ID).
Advantage of Shaklee membership:
Register now to enjoy up to 25% discount for all Shaklee products. 
Get your personal bonus from 5% up to 21% paid monthly to your account.
A chance to do business from home. I just started my business in January 2013, and now successfully got 4 figure income!
A chance to do online business without capital!
Shaklee car bonus insentive. 
Free vacation chance to eligible members.
And many more!

Advantage of registering under sukavitamin

As a unique bonus that no other leaders has, I will give you, your very own Business Apps for free! (Upon request)
I will personally coach you on how to start your online business, no matter where you are in this world! 
You will be included under Euphoria group support, which is known to be the largest and with most successful millionaires in the shortest record time!
I will share my secret on how to start your own business without any capital!
Exclusive tips on expanding your business.
And many more!!


WA +974 55022452 or +6017 2805985

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