SUKA suka buat fitnah? Dosa tau.. Isu Shaklee tentang Halal, Israel, Yahudi terjawab.

SUKA suka buat fitnah? Dosa tau.. Isu Shaklee tentang Halal, Israel, Yahudi terjawab.

It’s only normal that many envy people out there would want to condemn Shaklee’s product, since they can’t beat them in term of goodness, they try to attack the consumer’s mind by saying stuff which will withdraw people from pursuing. Don’t be afraid with this tribulation, they are baseless and not backed with facts;
Kebiasaannya manusia mudah terpengaruh dengar fitnah-fitnah yang disebarkan, terutama sekali fitnah hebat yang tersebar di internet. Terutama sekali penduduk Malaysia Islam yang mudah ragu-ragu apabila ‘terdengar’ bisikan-bisikan dari pihak yang dengki dengan kejayaan Shaklee menghasilkan produk yang sangat berkesan dan bermutu. Jangan bimbang, di sini saya buktikan bahawa fitnah-fitnah itu tidak benar sama sekali, beserta bukti-bukti kukuh.

Below are some of the many Q & A of issues that being spread all over the internet, and we have our smart answer complete with sound prove and facts;

1) Are all Shaklee product imported to Malaysia Halal?
    Apakah status halal produk-produk Shaklee yang diimpot ke Malaysia?
Yes, yearly Shaklee will submit their products for Halal evaluation through ISA- Islamic Services of     America which is recognized by Malaysian JAKIM. Click on the link for proof of recognition. Click on the picture for list of products certified halal.
   Semua produk Shaklee yang diimpot ke Malaysia dijamin halal oleh Islamic Services of America- sebuah badan yang diiktiraf oleh JAKIM malaysia. Boleh klik di link di atas untuk bukti pengesahan.

2) Where did you get your product from?
    Dari mana anda dapatkan stok produk?
I bought all my product from Shaklee Malaysia.
Kesemua barangan yang dijual dibeli terus dari Shaklee Malaysia.

3) Is it true, there is pig (porcine) ingredient in one of Shaklee product?
    Ada unsur babi dalam produk Shaklee? Betul ke?
No. Shaklee avoids use of animal-derived ingredients when possible, In order to meet quality and efficacy standards, animal sourced ingredients are required for some products. For example, gelatin capsules, which use purified bovine collagen, ensure stability and potency of gel encapsulated supplements. As a matter of information, there is no porcine (pig) ingredient sourcing in any soft del capsules. Products are certified halal by ISA (refer to point 1).
Tidak benar sama sekali. Shaklee sentiasa mengelak penggunaan unsur haiwan dalam penghasilan produk. Tetapi, untuk mengekalkan kualiti dan standard, sesetengah produk perlu menggunakan unsur haiwan. Contohnya kapsul gelatin yang menggunakan lembu yang disembelih (terjamin halal), tidak sama sekali menggunakan unsur babi! Berbalik ke point 1, produk-produk adalah dijamin HALAL. 

4) There are rumors about Shaklee contributing to Israel, what’s your comment?
    Ada terdengar yang Shaklee ni menyumbang kepada Israel? Komen?
The rumors started to spread when someone found this website/blog by an independent distributor (Kenneth Israel Men’s Club) who is selling Shaklee then contributing to Israel using the money he gets from his sale. It has nothing to do with Shaklee corporation. The guy is just another individual who being generous on his own interest. As the concept of being independent distributor, the business is yours alone.. what you do with your bonus money has got nothing to do with Shaklee as supplier of products.
How do we know he is an independent distributor? If you see the website with it is an independent distributor website residing in United State of America.
Fitnah yang sama sekali tidak betul. Kenneth Israel Men’s club adalah kepunyaan pengedar sah Shaklee. Konsep pengedar sah ialah, perniagaan individu, Shaklee corporation tidak ada kena mengena dengan aktiviti yang berkaitan dengan pengedar-pengedar. Ternyata tuan punya website/blog begitu bermurah hati untuk menyumbang ke Israel menggunakan duit bonus dari hasil jualannya sendiri. Seperti contoh Abu kerja makan gaji, lepas tu Abu guna duit gajinya untuk beli dadah, adakah syarikat tempat dia bekerja yang perlu disalahkan?

5) There are rumors that Shaklee is founded by jewish or is a jewish company, comment?
     Betul ke Shaklee ni ditubuhkan oleh seorang yahudi?
Americans has only 1.7% jewish residents. Dr Shaklee is not one of them.
Amerika mempunyai penduduk yahudi sebanyak 1.7% sahaja. Dr. Shaklee bukan seorang yahudi. 

There you have it. Smart answers to avoid any more of your doubt. If you have any other issues, feel free to contact me, your trusted independent distributor for clarification.

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