SUKA Shaklee ESP (Energizing Soy Protein) which have many many benefits for ALL!

  1. Who needs ESP?
  2. Pregnant women
  3. Nursing Mom
  4. New Mother (post delivery)
  5. Anybody Post surgery
  6. Pre-wedding day
  7. Students
  8. Those who wants to loose weight
  9. Those who wants to have beautiful skin
  10. Those who wants to increase body weight

Shaklee Energizing Soy Protein (ESP) is well known to the world with the most clinical test on product and high quality protein from vegetables. It contains non-GMO soy beans, which simply means it is not genetically modified, and being processes under low temperature. Every 1 kg of ESP, derived from 30 kgs of soy beans that can supply energy to the body up to hours.
Energizing Soy Protein (ESP) contains 22 types of amino acids and the only product in the world that can supply the essential 9 amino acids to human, which can’t be produce naturally by human body. It is suitable for anyone, young or old.
The soy beans protein is 2 times more than meat, 4 times more than egg, 12 times more than milk. It is low in fat, low in colestrol and easily absorbed by the body.

The most essential benefits of Shaklee Energizing Soy Protein (ESP) are:

Anti-aging – The amino acids build muscles, nails, hair, blood, organ, skin and glands , 50 000 types of proteins, 20 000 type of enzyme and others. Consuming ESP  is the key to maintained a younger skin and muscles so we will always feel energetic .

Beautify and moisten the skin – Encourage re-generation of skins and muscles, reduce wrinkles, anti-aging, glowing and moisten the skins and help to cure wound and scars.

Reducing pigmentation – Slows the process of grey hair, hair loss, scalp and hair problem, pigmentation and freckles.

Natural Hormon extract from vegetable – The soy bean is vegetable type and rich in isoflavon which are the same is women’s hormone. It helps to reduce colestrol level and avoids osteoporosis and heart disease.

Retain Prostate function for men – Genistein in soy beans proved that it has the ability to stop the growth or production of cancer cells from spreading. It kills the free radical in our cells from DNA mutation. It also maintained the health of cervic, ovary, menstrual cycle and prostate.

Quick Energy Booster – Supply quick energy dan increases immune system, thus rectify tiredness, migrain, insomnia dan any syndrom of depression, such as worrying, scared and many more.

Increase memory – Strengthen memory, boost sexual ability and many more.

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