SUKA dapat join QTEL charity Marathon

Yesterday, me and my husband finally join our first marathon in Qatar… running for a good cause and at the same time running on behalf of Sukavitamin! Yay! Although it is only 10 km.. but the determination of not turning back at the point when you saw hundreds of others that already passed over you is one that I myself deserve a compliment.
It was a good turn up, I saw that more than 1000 registered runner, all either eager to win that iPhone5 or simply turn to join in the charity run for fun with friends. Thank god that the event is spot on schedule and was in very best organization.

The race start from Museum of Islamic art along the corniche until Sheraton and back. I didn’t think that 10km was that long! It was however, a fun experience, I did run for a bit and mostly continue walking until I reach the finish line, not cheating.. 😉

But nonetheless, I paid for my mistakes, since I did not go for any training prior to the marathon, today,  I woke up to a whole body ache, specially on my thighs. Yup, lesson learnt,  never attempt such thing again.. I am no professional runner.. need little or more practice as it should.

Talking about body ache, I just read about this brilliant product by Shaklee, Advance Joint Health Tablet (AJHT) 100% vegetarian formula, which is one of the essential supplements taken by my husband after his slipdisc incident (click here to read prior post on this story).

On a summary, AJHT by clinical study, has shown improve of joint comfort in as a few as five days. It promote mobility, enhance flexibility, Improve joint function and support long-term joint health which are even much better if taken together with collagen powder and Vivix.
I’ll talk more on the product later.

Till then,feel the Shaklee difference yet? Contact me :)

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