SUKAnya..Umrah made easy with Shaklee Collagen powder

SUKAnya..Umrah made easy with Shaklee Collagen powder


We’ve been invited again to Baitullah. It was a short noticed invitation. We didn’t think it was the right time to go yet this year with the 3 kiddos.. but yet, we managed to do it. Alhamdulillah.. everything went well. We even made umrah for both Maqeel and Myra, may it be accepted :)
The total 5 days experience was amazing, it is mainly because, we drove ourselves from Qatar to Saudi, slowly at our own sweet pace.
First day pushing off in the evening after Asr, from Qatar to Riyadh, stop for overnight took +-500km
Second day, Riyadh to Madinah stop for overnight took +-800km
Third day, Madinah to Mekah took +- 500km stayed for 2 night 
Then the most challenging was from Mekah to Riyadh.. a straight journey of 9 hours plus sandstorm and rain.. luckily.. we made it safe. Stayed overnight then start a fresh  journey back home to Qatar.

It was logically a very tiring journey, considering the long distance plus the kids. And each time after we made our final stop, I’d feel backache. Plus I was literally carrying Mishel around to everywhere, hotel to Masjid and forth..because we didn’t think it was convenient to bring stroller. Then everytime I’d feel a lil numb to my arm. But before bed, I’d take my Shaklee Collagen powder and 4 tabs of Shaklee Ostematrix and pray that I’d be ok.. and Alhamdulillah.. the next morning, I feel fresh and re-charged and ready for more. Really amazing! Click here for details story of the journey. 

The best part about this trip was I didn’t feel as tired as I assume I would. Because of my short notice trip plan, I only got 3 days off from my work, oh yes.. I just recently joined another company.. so I am no longer with the media industry.. thankfully my boss release me for this short trip. Came back on Saturday evening, and started work on Sunday.. and yes.. surprisingly I am not tired at all. Was it the magic of Shaklee Collagen powder and Ostematrix? Or was it the power of musafir’s prayer? Or was it a lil bit of both?

All that I’m sure is we can keep praying and asking god for something, but if we don’t struggle and try to make it happen for ourselves, it will still not work.


Click here for my previous entry on why it all started

Till then, happy Shakleeing~

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