Sukanya testimonial conceiving set Shaklee

Sukanya testimonial conceiving set Shaklee

Today, Enna received a very happy news from one of her loyal customer. She is now 8th weeks pregnant! She has been consuming conceiving set Shaklee for 3 months or so, strongly following the guidance povided to her, along with prayers.  Alhamdulillah.. we are truly happy for this good news.

In our effort to get pregnant, we have to always always remember, we have to work as well as pray, and only after we have tried our best, then we should leave the result to god. If after few trial and we didn’t get anything, don’t loose hope. We need to review back and see what went wrong. 
I truly respect my friends that has been fighting to get pregnant for few years, and still strongly hope for a happy end. They have never given up and keep on fighting.. believing, something happen for a reason.. the time will come when it is ‘suitable’.
So, back to the testimonial, wanna know what is conceiving set Shaklee?
She took GLA Complex, Alfalfa, Vitalea, BComplex and Zinc Complex.

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