SUKAnya Shaklee Cinch..rahsia how to loose weight fast!

Why Cinch?

Honestly, I am not into shakes.. I can’t swallow many other slimming products before, wasting hundreds of ringgits (riyal) over those supposedly-delicious drinks which if followed via strict instruction will lead to a much slimmer body. So, what makes this product any different? It is the same old shake-type powder, and still in need of exercise. Why must I try Cinch?

Cinch, the name itself represent the one main concern many women and men are after- inch..those nasty inches that kept building up.. and not going to shrink. Where is the magic in Cinch?

Cinch is powered by Leucine- a specially formulated to help break the diet cycle so we can keep the muscle we have, burn fat that we don’t need and lose inches we don’t want. What a great promise! I have started my first 2 scoop, trying new trick to swallow a shake. I recall drinking pearl bubble tea which basically were made from shakes too, so in theory, why can’t I enjoy this healthy slimming powder just as I enjoy that bubble tea? I then figure out that I enjoyed it so much when it’s cold.. so I did the same thing with Cinch… mix 2 scoop with water and 1 cube of ice.. then shake shake shake.. it tasted de-li-ci-ous!

That’s the start of my diet plan for february.. hoping to loose more inches. I’ll be talking more on this as I go along.. honestly, I am not that fat anymore.. I have lost most of my prior baby weight.. only few kilos to go, since I am that lazy to exercise.. I am somehow stucked with this last 2-3kilos..

So Cinch, please don’t let me down.. I am counting on you.

Anyway, any determination must be proceed with smart movement. As per my reading and understanding, we have 5 main concepts in weight loss, they are;

1. Calorie control
2. High protein
3. Low carb
4. Three liter of water
5. Workout/ exercise

Normal people like us, need approximately 2000 calorie per day. But to loose weight we need to cut that down to say 1300-1500 calorie intake, so the remaining 500 will be burned from the existing ‘bad-and-stubborn’ fat in our body. This way, we can burn 0.5-2 kg per week based on calorie control alone!

So if you are serious about loosing weight, why not follow this simple example and see if it works..

Diet plan day 1;

Breakfast- 2 scoop of Cinch chocolate shakes
                 2 slices of wholegrain bread (or any slow release carb like oat, malt, whet germ etc2)


Lunch- Eat more veges and protein and reduce carb intake

Tea break- drink unsweetened tea- any tea will do just to blocked your appetite.

Dinner- Anything but carb. Like soups and such.
Do some light exercise like walking (don’t jump to bed immediately. If after that you are still hungry, take high fiber drinks such as oat.

Remember to drink 3 liter of water throughout! Add in Lecithin, Alfalfa and Herb-lax for more miracle results!

And report back to me if this is working.. good luck! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. nice presentation, for the first time read this cinch stuff in english written by malaysians. Fantastic

  2. Hi, First of all, good entry -thumbs up- Secondly, how long one canister of Cinch will lasts? You took 2 scoops, once a day right?

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