Sukanya New Year wishes 2014

Today, is already 2nd January 2014. Time flies.. few more days for my departure back to Qatar, our second home. Like always, everybody will have a new set of goal for themselves. 2013 was quite an achievement for me. I started Shaklee business early 2013, and now it has been a year since I do the online business while living abroad.
I have seen the system grow, from old school transaction over the counter or via email/fax, to online login and shopping cart.. finally! Shaklee business has been easier. Making it’s network broader and broader.
2013 also was the year I started running, joined 10km Ooreedoo run in corniche.. walk and run.. to the finish line. Joined my first half marathon in Chiang Mai then close 2013 run with Morib fun run. Running, as I mentioned from my earlier post was no fun for me. But I have learned to enjoy it more. And running have taught me the important of planning, training to succeed. And it also helped to strengthen my mind. Hopefully my 2014 running activities will be more exciting and thrilling.
My New Year wishes for 2014 is to enlarge my Shaklee business so more people are aware of it’s great natural supplements products. I learned to swim towards the end of 2013, so I wanted to ensure 2014 will be the year where I overcome my fear of deep water. I am 70% there, I have successfully swam across my swimming pool, which once, I thought was impossible. Having getting more and more goal accomplished, I am now determined, anything is now possible as long as you put your mind into it.
Happy new year everyone.. let’s now start to cross out our wish list and be proud of our achievement!
Stay positive! :)

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