Sukanya My first half marathon in Chiang Mai

Sukanya My first half marathon in Chiang Mai

Run Yeen run

Truth is, I never love running. Bored that all we do is pushing our leg from 1 to another. But ever since my hubby started joining mini marathon, I was automatically dragged too. 
Ok, it is much different than I expected. Running towards the finish line is quite an achievement. Every steps that we took while maintaining our mindset to believe that we can do it, is already a winning sign. But yeah, although it took me few races to finally understand the feeling, I totally got it now.
Yesterday, in Chiang Mai, when we first started running, I was so scared of being the last to finish the race. I can see hundreds of people running ahead of me. And I just can’t bring myself to catch them. But yet, I keep telling myself, it’s ok.. even if I finish last, as long as I finished it. So I ran.. and ran.. There came a time when I feel like walking, just to have a little break, but I then persuaded my mind to keep running, and wait until I reached 5km at least. Past 5km, I no longer felt the desire to stop, and my body seems to adjust. So I persuaded myself, ok.. if I needed to stop running and walk, at least wait until we reach 7km. Past 7km.. my feet is still running.. left right, left right.. like a machine, not having anything to worry about.
Before I realize it, I’m passing 8km, 9, and 10km.. At 10th km, I have broken my personal best record! Now 1 hour and 9min. 
I saw the chinese Malaysian guy who started running just ahead of us from earlier, I even cut him up. I ran.. and ran.. passing kilometer after another with a smile. I smiled because I just couldn’t believe that I was that strong.. my feet hurts like hell.. but my mind didn’t send it’s signal to stop, but instead keep persuading myself to keep running.. and see whether I’ll be able to keep running till the finish line. Just as a test to my own ability, I ran. 
Nearing 14km for a u-turn route back to finish line, i finally saw my husband.. we high-five each other.. 
Seeing him, literally gave me more strength to carry on. I continue running, keeping an eye to my heart rate and pace. As per Syafie, we are doing our best if we are running with at least 180b/m. I tried pushing myself to at least match that, cause I wanted to see, just how fast can I actually go. I didn’t feel tired, but my legs hurt like hell. So I slowed down, to 171-175. That’s the maximum that my leg could endure. Having the target of reaching the line before 3 hours,  I monitored my pace. My target is to keep it below 8m/km. And I managed it. 
At 20th km, I felt a big relief, wow.. I did it! 1 km to go, then that’s it! Run Yeen Run!!
But all my relief are gone, past 21km.. I recorded 2hr:36 there still no sign of the finish line. I started to wonder, did I go to the wrong route? should there be another way for half marathoner to finish? 
But along the way, I can still see plenty of half marathoner ahead of me. I am on the right track. so I keep running.. Dammit i swear my legs are about to ‘tercabut’. After 22km, I gave up. I walked.. where the hell is that finish line?! I did a great record of 2hr and 36min, but the damn finish line are no where to be seen! But because I still wanted to finish the race below 3hours, I keep running again.
Yes.. now I see the finish line.. crossing it, at 23km by 2hr 53minutes. Alhamdulillah, not only I finished my first half marathon for less than 3 hours, I even finished it 2 kilometers more!


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