Sukanya Doha Night Run 2014

Last night at 10 sharp, we were released from the start point for 5 km fun run. Yes, you didn’t read it wrong, it was at night, quite late too. I didn’t have any target at first.
But since A is by my side, I thought to myself, ok let’s benchmark her for once, and see if I can reached fdaster. It was a cold windy night, a struggle to keep going.
First off, I ran and could feel that my pace is almost as the same as A who has a much better record from me. She said she hasn’t run for quite sometime, and might have slowed down. Just because of that I was confident I stand a chance to reach the finish line if not the same, faster than her. So I keep up with A, when she past me, I didn’t fell tired or giving up, instead I paced up, unbelievable!
There was few time where me and A is passing each other, sometime she’s infront of me, and some of the time I was in front, and we kept running. It was fun to finally have the strength to play around like that. Return back from the path I decided to go all out and actually try to beat A. I increased my pace a little and run past the finish line at 30 minutes! A new personal best record!
And you what motivate me? It’s my Shaklee business! I wanted to prove it to the world how coQ health had help me to boost my hidden energy and how Shaklee Collagen Powder and AJHT had protected me from any injury. They surely did!


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