SUKA set pantang Shaklee (Confinement Set)

So what’s in confinement set? and what is confinement on the first place anyway? Why Malay must have all these pantang terlarang once after giving birth? However it is, at the end of the day, it is still your own personal choice. It’s not mandatory that you follow the traditional rules. We live in a modern world now, even supplements are made into capsules, liquid or powder, easily digestible. Unlike old traditional way, where people need to consume greens and woods in order to stay healthy. I for once, is the in-between; I follow things that made sense and leave the rest unexplained logic behind..
Traditionally, after giving birth, one are required to rest for 44 conservative days, this for me is SO logic, as to give your body time that it need to build back all those ‘nerve breakage-post-delivery’. And best way to get pampered is by massaging.. not necessarily be that traditional need to ‘naikkan-peranakan’ kinda stuff. The usual whole-body massage is good enough.
This was actually my very first order as Shaklee independent distributor from a friend in Qatar. It was easy as I myself just gave birth to my third child 7 months ago, AND use the same set, so I can easily give her my personal review, fresh as I know it.
This is her first born, and she is set to give the very best for her child, knowing that Shaklee is famous for its all natural supplements that helps concern mothers such as herself. Good that she chose Shaklee confinement set, which has their guarantee on quality, halal-guaranteed as certified by ISA (Islamic Services of America) which are recognized by JAKIM Malaysia. (Click here if you are in doubt).

So what’s there in confinement set?

We’ve got the basic which is B-Complex, Vitalea, Vitamin C and Zinc, which helps the mother to recover healthily with all the needed supplements for the body to ‘heal’ naturally yet more effectively. BComp for once, gave the ‘stress-free’ effect, I surely felt that myself. I am not that mentally strong to be honest, and thank you Shaklee for producing this brilliant vitamin (yeah yeah I know other brands also produce Bcomp, but I am here to gave my personal review on Shaklee confinement set, so pardon my one-sided-side-of-the-story, I strongly believe that Shaklee produced the best vitamins there is as it is always green and natural, works and safe :).

Additionally, one can opt for  Ostematrix for the Calsium needs for all women, especially for breasfeeding mom. I have friends who really loveee the ostematrix, she claims that ever since taking it, her sleep is much better and she’ll be waking up fresh.

Then there is ESP the soy protein formula which help to give extra energy to new or existing Mom to go through the day. As we know, during confinement period, we do not really rest as the term, we actually struggle more to manage getting enough rest with providing milk supply for our lil one. And believe me, it is NOT that easy. So ESP is like an added formula to help us get through the day feeling much better, and it also help us to produce a more merrier and thicker milk.

Alfalfa- also known as the milk booster, though it has lot more other benefits including for men (which I’ll be talking about in near future, promised!). And.. alfalfa has a really good side effect for women, it supposedly give ‘kacip-fatima’ effect to miss ‘V’.. and also helps in firming up your breast. 😉

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