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My eldest daughter, Myra was down with fever, complete with coughing and sneezing flu. She’s usually quite strong and hardly ever get sick. But once she caught the ‘virus’ then her ever-so-hyper-self  be the most quiet girl on planet earth. Making our home, as quiet as a library.
What caused this fever? Why does it attack children more often than adults?

Well.. it’s not new that Qatar has been attacked by this virus during winter, you can read the full story of that report here. The government even encouraged vaccination against the virus. Me on the other hand is quite against the medication, thus vaccination is not really my first choice of prevention such as this case. It all started in London, we used to live there, one day, the-almost one year old Myra was down with fever, cough and flu . As Malaysian who are so used to going-to-the-clinics-when-one-caught-just-about-anything, we took her to see a general paedtrician in one of the local clinics. To our surprised, we were treated rudely by one of the nurse, she sarcastically said to us to just give Adol to our poor Myra and if she’s still not feeling well after 2 weeks, come back for a checkup. The same answer given by the doctor, but in a more kind way. I left feeling hurt. The next day, I was telling my colleague who is used to living in UK about my bad experience. He then explained to me why it’s important that we, especially our children try to recover using our natural antibody before taking any prescribed antibiotic. Turns out, in UK and Europe, it is quite common to keep off the antibiotics solution until you’ve been sick for more than 2 weeks. Ahaaa.. now I understand! It didn’t take long for him to explain that (the nurse and the doctor should have done that too)! From then, I understood the logic, and will always try my best to look for natural way of fighting the antibody attack.

I’m also done giving my kids cough syrup, after I found out the fact that giving a five years old (and below) can increase their chance of getting asthma in the future. So I turn to the traditional warm honey with lemon, works quite well.. but it’ll soothe the throat almost immediately. And best thing is, it is 100% safe. Talking about safe, Shaklee as we know also produce a guarantee safe products, so I, as a consumer myself will always look at buying supplements from Shaklee and explore ways that we could actually prevent or cure sickness with many of its brilliant products.

After few researches, I found a suggestion on how Omega Guard helps to diminish phlegm aka the unwanted mucus that causing all these uncomfortable outbreaks. So I did what has been suggested, I gave Myra 2 capsule of Omega Guard along with 4 tablets of Vitamin C(chewable type, I do not have Shaklee chewable vitamin C in stock, so I opt for the one I found from local pharmacy). To my surprised, her fever didn’t return that night (I avoided giving her Adol as much as I can). And the next following morning, she throw out a lump of phlegm. What an incredible outcome!

So, when your kids caught a fever due to cough and flu, don’t quickly jump on the medicine.. drugs would be drugs, no matter how low of a dosage. Try this suggested remedy with Shaklee, I’m pretty sure you’ll be happy with the result!


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