SUKA GLA complex; help to get pregnant- a step-by-step

Baby, a subject of desire by most married couple. If not right after marriage, the thought of having your own baby, which represent the magical combination of both you and your love one will always haunt your least someday. As both of you and your partner’s love grows stronger to one another, it’s only logic that you two would have wanted a legacy of your own.

Here are few tips in getting pregnant with the help from Shaklee’s product, step-by-step..
Because at the end of the day, God is the one who will give the final decision. Nonetheless, don’t give up hope.. we have to at least try our hardest.

It is recommended for the husband to take Zinc 1 after lunch and 1 capsule of Vitamin E before bed.

Now for the wife, here are the step-by-step tips to get pregnant with Shaklee GLA complex; It is also recommended for the wife to take Vitalea, Bcomp and Vitamin C in case you are pregnant during the process..

1. You need to know your menstrual cycle. 28days? 30 days? etc
2. Unstable cycle? Then it is rather hard but not totally impossible.
3. Divide your menstrual cycle to 2, let say it’s 28/2=14.
4. So it’s estimated that the wife’s ovulation will fall on 14th days from the first day of her menstruation, +/- 5 days.
5. So, take the GLA Complex from day 1 of your menstrual day until a day before ovulation day starts. That means, from the example, you will take GLA on day 1 until 13 of your menstruation.
6. Other supplements are to be continued like normal.
7. Say, you missed a period on the next cycle, congratulation, you might already be pregnant! If not, continue with the cycle again until you are.

8. All the best.. do well and pray.. we never know when it’s finally our turn to have that precious lil one growing inside us.

How does GLA helps in getting pregnant?

GLA (gamma linolenic acid) helps to regulate menstrual cycle, increase fertility, reduced symptom of PMS and stabilize your hormon. Despite all that, it also good for men too and specially good or those with high blood pressure and diabetes.

GLA helps women to produce a quality servic discharge which are good for sperms! So they can be extra fast and reach their goal and SCORE! It is also a good kind of environment for the sperm’s life cycle, so they can live longer for up to 5 days! But afraid not to those already-fertiled-women out there.. this not necessarily mean that by taking GLA, you’ll be doubly fertiled. You’ll be as you are, only more healthier and much more beautiful, inside out.

So, why wait? You can’t give up until you’ve tried everything, when I say everything, I meant Shaklee GLA complex. 😉
Value yourself, try the best natural supplement. Contact us!

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  1. I needs this product because i am suffering with this products. Vitamin store and the best doctor helps you in this problem.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    I have irregular period and have PCOS. Which one in these product of shaklee you recommend.

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    And I am trying to get pregnant.

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    Gla complex boleh makan ke if pregnant?

  6. Is this recommended for a woman with endometriosis?

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