End of 50 days streak running

End of 50 days streak running

Which should be the medal to hang on the wall? To mark the 50 days of the struggle, that I once thought will never ends.

Hand made Medal
Why this so called EX-marathoner did such a challenge to begin with? The truth is I have lost my appetite of running after my last marathon in Nov. I was stressful, depressed and as a result, I also gained weight- I blame it all on the marathon, it was so painfully hard.. So I have determined to stop.
But after some time, I kinda miss it a little, it was not all that bad, but the thought of going through the training and expectation was too big for me. Maybe because I was trying too hard too soon when I’m actually was not that ready. 2 full marathon in a year? I must be joking.

The memories of those struggle to cross each of those finish line keep coming back.. The accomplishments was sweet.. but it was too hard for a non athlete like me. Maybe I have to take a step back. Start small.. And see what happened.

I came across this article about 50 streak days of running and how it motivates this runner to fall all over in love again with running. I thought I should give it a try, and see how it will change me. Will I love running again? And so it claims; advantage of running shorter distance with an improved pace, will eventually aid in my weight lost.

So starting 1st April, I took this challenge, Every single day, I forced myself to run. Just 20 minutes a day! So no matter how busy or tiring the day was, I will find ways to complete the task. And without failed- I managed, even when my legs hurts like crazy, even when my days was bad. Even when I feel like ditching the run for a sleep.. I didn’t. Completing the day’s run is all I could think of.

Aspire inside out fun run 5:81km

Aspire inside out fun run 5:81km

Finally, today, on 20th May.. I finally crossed the end of my 50 days of streak running, seeing the new me. I could now finished strong, maintained the same pace I did in 20minutes for most of my 3km for a 5km race. And best of all, I didn’t feel tired at all, meaning I could have pushed myself further. But that was not my main objective.. It was just a lovely bonus.

I can now proudly say I have again find my love of running. It gave me a goal, it gave me a life.. It make me a better human being. Will I do it again? You’ll see 😊

Celebrates end of 50 days of streak run

Thanks for the lovely surprise celebration buddies!


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    sekarang masih berlari ka..
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